1. 2009

    In 2009-2010, Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator was designed to be a solution that could tackle youth unemployment through partnerships and at scale. Incubated in 2011 by Yellowwoods, Harambee established its proof of concept with a group of 5 founding employers and 40 young people.
  2. 2011

    Harambee designs a pilot solution for 3 of its founding employers including Hollard, Clientele and Telesure. The first 40 candidates are successfully placed into first jobs. Harambee now has a proof of concept to share with the market. A target of 10,000 jobs is set.
    Successfully placed
    youths in 2011


  3. 2012

    By the end of the first year, Harambee has formed a public-private partnership and placed 750 unemployed youth into jobs with 6 more employers including Nando's, Direct Axis, Merchants, Liberty, Discovery and Standard Bank.
    Successfully placed
    youths in 2012


  4. Feb’14

    By the beginning of 2014, Harambee reaches the half-way mark of its first big scale-up having placed 5,000 candidates into a first job with a growing network of over 100 private sector employers.
    Successfully placed
    youths in 2012


  5. Oct’14

    Six months later (and ahead of schedule), Harambee reaches its scale-up target of 10,000 jobs through a network of 200 employer partners and begins sharing its research and insights across the public, private and social sectors.
    Successfully placed
    youths in 2012


  6. 2019

    Harambee grows its reach across the economy and across geographies, and pathways young people into over 100,000 jobs and work opportunities through a network of 500 businesses. Harambee wins 2019 Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship for its global contribution to the youth unemployment crisis.
    Pathwayed young
    people into


    jobs and work experiences
  7. 2022

    Harambee sets ambitious targets for its next phase of scale up – to support 1.5 million work-seekers with proven employability benefits and 500,000 securing an opportunity by 2022.
    Successfully placed
    youths in 2012